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  • abril 2024
    L M X J V S D

Torrevieja’s Rugby Stadium inaugurated (Collaboration)

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On Saturday morning June 19, Torrevieja’s Mayor Torrevieja, Pedro Hernández Mateo along with the Sports Councillor, Daniel Plaza Montero returned to the new Sports City to inaugurate the ‘Nelson Mandela’, Stadium and to open the inaugural Torrevieja Rugby Seven’s Tournament. This impressive facility, costing around two million euros, has a capacity for 3,000 Spectators, the approval for international competition from the RUFA, an artificial grass pitch and is designed for multisports; rugby, football and cricket. On Saturday and Sunday, a dozen teams took part in the ‘sevens’ tournament, including Camberley RFC from England, La Vila (runner-League and Copa del Rey) from Costa Blanca North, a selection from Alicante, Murcia Select, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Alicante Universidad, Catalonia Selection, Torrevieja, Getafe, the Marauders and overall champions, Viator Barbarians, a select team of some of Spain’s top players. Coping with playing in 30c temperatures, the players remarked upon how well the tournament was organised and how soft the new grass surface was to land and tackle on, a concern to many before the start of the tournament. Mateo Hernandez stressed the importance of having a selection of diverse sports offered in Torrevieja and congratulated the Rugby Club of Torrevieja, which has succeeded in bringing together young athletes from all age groups to participate in this great sport. As usual, it was more the playing of the game rather than the results that were the winners over the weekend and everyone had an excellent experience. Torrevieja Rugby now has over 160 younger members in its ranks and shall start to train at this new facility after the summer break, which should further increase the number of players. Torrevieja Ladies were also on hand to help with the festivities and it’s hoped that their number shall be swelled too for the new season. Sunday’s finals saw Viator Barbarians running out as eventual champions in a hard and evenly fought contest with La Villa, Alicante Select took third place honours with Alicante Universidad lifting the ‘Plate’ competition edging out Torrevieja in the final of the ‘amateur’ teams. Overall, a splendid weekend of sport celebrating the first ‘Nelson Mandela’ Rugby Seven Tournament.

Keith Nicol

356 words

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